What to do when you can’t hold it

QIC: Jazzy Jag

Date: 10/16/2019

PAX: WuzntMe, Fastlane, Gaylord, Mayhem (R), Toe Tag

AO: Hacksaw


1 minute rain, 1 minute rest, 2 minutes rain, 2 minutes rest…


Mosey to flag circle

Sshs x 20 IC

Slow merkins x 10 IC

Willie Mays hays x 10 IC

Fire hydrants x 10 each leg IC

Sshs x 15 IC

Carolina dry docks x 10 IC

Imperial walker x 15 IC

Forward fold x 10 IC

Sshs x 10 IC

The Thang

Partner up, count off to make it random

Each partnership gathered around a coupon and pondered the possibilities

“Just hold it”

Dora – one partner holds coupon, one exercises

Roly-polys (sit to stand)

Inchworms (Forward fold, walkout with merkin)

Jump squats

Flutter kicks (double count)

Round 1 – PAX #1 holds coupon using only compression and testosterone

PAX #2 begins exercises – 20 roly-polys, 30 inchworms, 40 jump squats, 50 flutter kicks

Trade off at PAX discretion

Upon completion, all PAX run a lap around flag, bringing the coupon along for the ride

Round 2 – PAX #1 holds coupon with overhand pinch grip

PAX #2 begins same exercises, but with the opportunity for 10 more reps for each – 30, 40, 50, 60 respectively

Another lap around flag with coupons

Round 3 – Coupon held overhead

Same exercises – 40, 50, 60, 70 reps respectively

Another lap around flag with coupons


Held flutter kick start position (feet 6″ off ground) for 10 count IC

Held plank for 10 count IC

Held low merkin position for 5 count IC

Q held prone plank (laying on ground) for approximate 10 count and focused on not dying.



Word of the day – “failure.” We each approached or encountered failure throughout this workout; how much do we risk failure in our everyday lives? Q told embarrassing story about how he crashes every single time he goes mountain biking. If you never fail, how do you know you are reaching your potential? If you never fail, it may be because you avoid situations in which you could fail, and thus miss opportunities to learn and grow.


Q is willing to reimburse PAX for tricep transplants after alternating holding coupon overhead with inchworm merkins. PAX must submit itemized receipt by close of business 10/16 to be eligible.

PAX discussed merits of different coupon holds, primarily through grunts

Disappointment swept through the group as we realized we would not be able to hit the 30 lap goal proposed on Slack.


Dad’s day 10/19 Landfill 0700. Bring your kids or find some kids and bring them. HC on Landfill Slack channel for headcount

ToeTag VQ at Hacksaw next Wednesday!

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