Iron Pax on Ice

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 10/17/2019

PAX: Burrito, Coypu, Kickback

AO: SMACkdown


Cold, clear and brisk. Less campfire smell than Tuesday, but still perfect morning for committing ourselves to the gloom.


SSH x 20 IC
Russian Twist x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC
Forward Fold x 8 IC
Wide Stance Fwd Fold x 8 IC

The Thang

Taking the queue (Q?) from Iron Pax Warmup Week 0
6 Rounds for Time
24 Squats
24 Walking Lunges (both leg strides count once)
24 Merkins
Run 400 M

You know you’ve done it right when you’ve run at least 1.50 miles


Coypu is really good at swearing; some folks are better than others, but this guy is a pro.

Lots of kidnappings today (Whittler seized by the “on-call” doctor witchcraft; Newport home with sick kid)

ROY fartsackers need to come out and quit laying in bed dreaming. There’s work to be done.

Kickback crushed his second ever F3 workout – Credit to Coypu and Burrito for encouraging and picking up the six. That’s what we’re here to do! Great job by all.


F3 Dad’s day workout on 10/19 at The Landfill.

Breakfast to follow at the nearby Southern Restaurant that used to be the zipper-head restaurant which shut-down due to cat problems.

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