more 400 meter repeats- Couch Potato (Huey – 10/31)

QIC: Couch Potato

Date: 10/31/2019

PAX: Ducktales, Lloyd, KingPin, Cutter, Hasbro, Mayberry, SteamEngine, U-turn

AO: Huey


Heavy Rain with puddles on the track….perfect weather for some practice saving Lieutenant Dan.


800 meters on the track at warm up pace, 25x Side Straddle Hop, Bear Crawl, Crab walk, Gorilla (Forward, Left and Right), Walking Peter Parker, then stretching consisting of chicken wing, cross body arm pull, forward fold, surfer, pigeon

The Thang

400 meter repeats with UML rotation (Upper-Middle-Lower)

400 meter sprint, 20x standard pushups, 20x flutterkicks, walking lunges

400 meter sprint, 10x leg lifter push up, 1 minute plank, 3-way lunge with kick

400 meter sprint, 10x blast off pushup, 10x peter parker, 180 squat-jumps

400 meter sprint, 10x buddy clapping pushup, 10x buddyF%&**er leg lift, fireman’s carry

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