Trick or Treat – DORAMRAP™ Style

QIC: Ringwald

Date: 10/31/2019

PAX: Backfire, Blindside, Countdown, Dirk, Hobo, Moneyball, More Kowbell, Red Tees, Sinai, Skitch, Uncle Fester

AO: Hill City


The rain was cool, the air was hot and muggy, but not as hot as Skitch without his shirt on.


In the middle of Coolidge Park

Batwings – 10 IC
Slow Arm Circles – 10 IC
Reverse Slow Arm Circles – 10 IC
Overhead Press – 10 IC
Cherry Pickers – 10 IC
Frankenstein’s Monster – 10 IC
SSH – 20 IC
Werewolf – 10 IC
Plank Jacks – 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the lighted path “down by the river.” I brought some dice to add some spice.

Stage 1 – DORAMRAP

Partner up.
One of the PAX rolls the dice. Based on the number, one partner does the exercise while the other partner runs to the end of the path and back. Rotate.
Repeat and rotate PAX to roll the dice. Time permitting.

2 – Burpees
3 – LBCs
4 – Goblet Squats
5 – Lunges
6 – Flutter Kicks
7 – Big Boy Situps
8 – Monkey Humpers
9 – Bench Press
10 – Bent Over Rows
11 – Merkins
12 – Burpees

Stage 2 – Trick or Treat

No partners. All PAX execute the following exercises and reps together at each lightpole. The number of lightpoles is determined by the roll of the dice.

1 Burpee
5 Merkins
10 Squats

20 Bent Over Rows just to get some back workout in


While attending pre-marital counseling with Laces Out, I found out that I was a “fixer” -someone that already starts determining a solution before they have received all of the information. I learned that most times my SO would just want to vent to me, which was separate from asking for advice. I have a very hard time turning off my “fixer” mentality and just listen.

Be cognizant of others you interact with. They may want advice, or they may just want to be heard.


Lot’s of wet jokes, since we haven’t gotten to say any of them in a very long time at Hill City. Uncle Fester gave me pink eye – stay away from gloom horns kids.

Let it be known, heretofore a many fortnight that Ringwald doth trademark the term DORAMRAP. This shall come to pass as a partner exercise where one partner doth perform an exercise whilst the other partner doth travel about an undetermined distance, however the first partner hath no minimum requirement nor the team hath no maximum requirement, other than returning to one partner and rotating untilst finished.


Turkey Day Convergence – 11/28 – AO TBD
Launch of BX – 11/16 – Brainerd Baptist Church

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