Birthday Beat-Down with TheCount (61)

QIC: The Count (Respect Respect)

Date: 11/04/2019

PAX: Burrito, Couch Potato, GeekSquad, Hasbro, Lloyd, Mayberry, Milkman, RadioHead, SteamEngine, UTurn

AO: The Huey


36 cool degrees, dry, and calm


Mosey around track stopping at all street lights to perform warm-up exercises. 1. SSH – IC 20. 2. Burpees 10. 3. Merkins – IC 20. 4. Squats – IC 20. 5. Imperial Walkers – IC 20. 6. LBC’s – IC 20. 7. Mountain Climbers – IC 20. 8. SSH – IC 20. Total Reps = 290 which has nothing to do with my 61st Birthday!! 🙂 Mosey to back P/L for The Thang!

The Thang

On one side of P/L – (Starting Point) are 5 Workout Stations all with various weighted coupons. 1. Squats (45 lbs/30 lbs). 2. Overhead Press (35 lbs/25 lbs). 3. Bent Over Rows (35 lbs/25 lbs). 4. Triceps Extensions (30 lbs/25 lbs). 5. Curls (25 lbs/20 lbs).

From Starting Point space cones toward other end of P/L every 4 parking spaces (aprox 32 Ft) for a total of aoout 50 Yards.

Partner up with one pair at each Workout Station. While PAX one does AMRAP of exercise PAX two will Bernie Sanders to first cone, Side Shuffle to second, Side Shuffle to third cone (switch to other side), Karaoke to forth cone, and Karaoke to fifth cone (switch to other side). AYG (if you have anything left) back to start and flip flop with partner.

Once both PAX have completed both segments they hold Al Gore or Plank until 6 is complete. Everyone rotates to next station and rinse and repeat.


COT: Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama – Convergence (BX – Brainard Baptist Church – New AO – Saturday, November 16th). Prayers for needs of those in attendance. Provided Lesson 1 of 18 from General Colin Powell’s Leadership Primer: “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.”

BALL OF MAN: Concluded in prayer.


Most interesting part of workout was fact that TheCount temporarily lost his key fob to his car.


Join me at Smackdown where I will Q for my first complete day of my 62nd Year!! Oh and provide Lesson 2 of Leadership Primer.

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