Veterans Day beginning in Veterans Park…yeah that feels right.

QIC: Red Tees

Date: 11/11/2019

PAX: U-Turn, Hasboro, Ducktales, Burrito, Couch Potato, Milkman

AO: Huey


Cold and Clear (Ducktales mentioned the best part of this kind of weather is we can’t smell the dumpster in the parking lot).


  • Side straddle hop x 20
  • We moseyed from the flag over to the parking lot and knocked did perform
  • Willie Mays Hayes
  • Forward Fold
  • Little Baby Arm Circles X 20
  • Reverse X20
  • Moroccan Night Club x20
  • Cherry Pickers x 20
  • Merkins x 20

The Thang

Indigenous Peoples Burpee Run (keeping it politically correct) each Pax did 3 rounds. We then picked out some coupons I stole from my neighbor’s scrap pile last night and partnered up for a Dora. 100 curls, 200 overhead presses, 300 squats and 400 little baby crunches. We then moseyed over to the pavilion and while one partner did 30 leg lifts the other partner practiced their best Fight Club moves while sitting on the wall for a couple of rounds. Upon completion we bear crawled back to the flag with no time to spare.


Today is Veterans Day. It is not lost on me that we are blessed to be able to gather, fellowship and practice our faith in this country freely how and when we see fit. There are places in this world where bowing your head around a flag is not allowed. We owe a lot to our Veterans and let me encourage everyone to take a moment and thank the people in their lives who served in the military for doing so in whatever capacity they did. My dad was drafted during Vietnam and served in the Army and my brother served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Air Force. I love them very much and am proud I can give them a buzz later today.
BALL OF MAN: Milkman asked for prayers for the young marine’s family who took his own life last week. Couch Potato made a point of encouraging us all to look out for those guys who are struggling after their service. Let’s get headlocks on those guys and get them out in the gloom with others who can help encourage and pick them up when life gets hard. Hasboro’s grandmother is recovering from a heart attack over the weekend, but is in good spirits.


It was a good morning all the way around and my first time to Q at the Huey. Milkman runs faster backwards than forwards I think, and Ducktales and Couch Potato may or may not need to be tested for PED’s. Burrito insisted we bear crawl to finish the day off (he’s an animal), and I got my gloves all wet, which is a bummer. I have my suspicions U-Turn may be a CIA assassin (he is a quiet guy who I am pretty sure is holding back and could make Couch Potato look like me if he kicked it up to a 10). I’ll bet his body count is prolific. For that matter Hasboro may be one too.


Convergence in Brainerd on the 16th

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