Burpees Hate You Too!

QIC: Clothespin

Date: 11/09/2019

PAX: Deep Dish, 9Volt, El Chapo, DNF, GRU, JohnDoe, Shotput, Topless, Fastlane, Schnitzel

AO: The Battery


Cold for about 5 seconds then everyone warmed up.


Mosey around greenway to parking area in front of pavillion.
SSH, Willy Mayse Hayse, Calf stretches, Forward fold, Baby arm circles (forward and reverse), military presses

The Thang

Doracide Burpiacs

Straight spot about 150’ long. Suicide while partner does exercise switch with partner until exercises complete. Do 1 burpee at 1st pole, 2 burpees at second marker and 3 burpees at 2nd pole while doing suicides. Exercises as follows:
100 merkins
75 Burpees
200 squats
150 LBC
200 Imperial Walkers
100 Lunges
100 Big Boy Sit-Ups
Once Complete with burpee portion of exercise burpees can stop on suicide as well.

Once through all exercises mosey to skate park and complete the following:
25 decline merkins
25 squats
25 LBC
25 dips

Then mosey to pavilion and complete the following:
25 incline merkins
Get a rock
25 military presses
25 bi-cep curls
25 tri-cep extensions
25 step-ups or box-jumps
Multiple stretches to cool down
Mosey back to flags


Keep pushing yourself! You will get better! Push yourself some this week!


It really got quiet when the burpees started other than snarky remarks about the Q. (I don’t know who that was!) Something about burpees hate you too…….


Convergence 11-16, Battery Anniversary 11-23, WuzntME on Q 11-12.

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