Gentlemens Ridge Jaunt

QIC: Fissure

Date: 11/12/2019

PAX: Prosciutto, Whittler, Gusher, Holy Kiss, Burrito

AO: Smackdown


Low 30s and flurries. Ground was wet from overnight rain. Nice and miserable conditions.


Circled up in SMAC parking lot
SSH x 20 IC
Fwd fold x 10 IC
Iraqi tea time x 10 IC
SSH x 10 IC

The Thang

Still in parking lot

10 Burpees, squats and merkins

Mosey off the SMAC property and up Mayer St to the Brow Estates “hood”
Stop at first intersection

15 burpees, squats and merkins
Continued the mosey onto Gentleman’s Ridge stopping in the cul de sac

20 burpees, squats and merkins
Continued the mosey back to the intersection

15 burpees, squats and merkins
Continued the mosey back down Mayer St, onto SMAC property and down to the track

10 burpees, squats and merkins
Over to concrete bleachers

Hold Al Gore with backside a centimeter off the bleachers x 10 IC
Dips x 10 IC
AG x 15 IC
Dips x 15 IC
AG x 20 IC
Dips x 20 IC
Onto track

4 cones, 5 yards apart (20 yards total)
Suicides part 1: run only
Suicides part 2: bear crawl to cone, crawl bear back, RNR to each cone
Back to bleachers

Al Gore x 30 IC
Back to track

Suicides part 3: run only
Back to bleachers

Rectangle of merkins, ended after 5 each man.
Back to track

Suicides part 4: run only
Bleachers again

Al Gore to failure. Burrito victorious. What a stud.

Mary: Plank, Medium pickle pounders, Plank, Jumbo pickle pounders


Broke open the qsource this week and the intro contained a good enough nugget to share with the pax today. Leadership is a skill that requires honing. It is not like a square jaw or receding hairline (thank you very much) that you’re simply born (blessed) with. Sure, some guys may seem to possess traits that make them better “natural” leaders but don’t let it discourage you. F3 is a great source of leadership training. Get into the Q Source and if you haven’t q’d a workout I highly recommend it!


Burrito brought his A+ jokes to the gloom today. Fairly certain he owns a weed eater.

Burrito does a mean Napoleon Dynamite impression.

It was pretty miserably cold today but after five minutes who can really tell. Right?


3 year Anniversary convergence, 11/16 at Ridgecut (Brainerd Baptist BX) 0700

Thanksgiving convergence at Hill City 0530-0630

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