Climb the Mountain…Using your arms

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 11/19/2019

PAX: Callahan (R), Hanson, Ramos, Skitch, Sunshine, Sherlock, Money ball, Ringwald, Flemish, FNG-Oil Can, Uncle Fester, Bullpen, Back Pew

AO: Hill City


44 degrees and pleasant


I was driving so i am not sure what they did. Boo on me

The Thang

Climb the Mountain…With your legs

Pair off into partners

Partner 1 moves to the bottom of the “stairs”

Box Jump up the entire set of stairs.

Partner 2 completes a cycle of 10 Mercans and 10 Big Boi Sit ups on the path waiting for Partner 1 to finish

Once complete, Partner 1 assumes the Mercans and Big Bois

partner 2 bear crawls half way up Mt. Madoriyama, runs the rest of the way up, then back down.

Flap Jack the starting position and repeat

Mosey a short lap

Climb the Mountain… With your arms

Stay with your partner

partner 1 goes back down to the bottom of the stairs.

Start with 8 dips – Box Jump – 8 Ircans – Box Jump – 8 Dercans – Box Jump

Repeat this all the way up the stairs

Partner 2 on Mt. Madoriyama

Bear Crawl up 1/3 of the way – 10 Big Boi with head downhill – Bear crawl another 1/3 – 10 Mercans with head down hill – Run the last 1/3 – 10 SSH – Run down

meet up in the middle, Flap jack and repeat

Cool Down on the Mountain

Bernie half way up – 10 Mercans – Run the other half – 10 SSH – Run down

Mosey back to the flag


Dying Cockroach ICX12; Pretzel Crunch ICX10 each side; hello Dolly ICX12



Nothing like talking about dedication in the cold from a guy late to the Q. But stay after it guys, build the bonds, support one another


So the Q was late and felt really bad about. Proceeded to punish himself with a tough workout to teach himself a lesson. Then trying to retrieve my keys so I could get my phone, I knocked them into the suspension on the Honda. Of course they got hung up and didn’t fall to the ground. Hard to retrieve them while everybody waited on me. Morning not off to a good start. Thanks for picking me up guys


Battery 1 year anny on 11/23

Thanksgiving Day Beatwdown at 5:30 at Hill City. One hour brought to you by Skitch and IB

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