What the Hill???

QIC: SideKick

Date: 11/21/19

PAX: John Doe, AllState, Swisher, Lutefisk, Swingset, Woodchuck, Homeschool, Threeskin, Evita, Mayhem (R), Uncle Fester, Swipe Right, Peanuts, Gru, jazzy Jag

AO: RidgeCut




SSH ICX20 (a reasonable number); Forward Fold ICX10; 3rd grade Exercises ICX12; Right over Left ICX10; Left over Right ICX10; Slow squats ICX15; LBAC ICX10; Reverse ICX10; Morrocan Night Club ICX10; Shoulder Press ICX10; Willie Mays hays ICX12; Slow Mercans ICX10

Mosey around church to the hill

The Thang

What The Hill??

All PAX at the bottom of the hill. Will traverse the hill in multiple manners, some difficult, some not so difficult. Mosey back down after each

  1. Peter Parker
  2. Reverse Lunge
  3. traveling Burpee
  4. Lunge
  5. Deep Squat Broad Jump
  6. Jail break

Circle of Trust

No not the one at the end of the workout

5 groups of 3 PAX in a circle pattern

Station 1 – Mercans

Station 2 – Squats

Station 3 – SSH

Station 4 – Burpees

Station 5 – Blocks

Station 5 is the timing mechanism and we have to trust that our brothers are giving it their all and not dragging A.

Round 1 – Curls

Once everyone has rotated through all 5 stations, Indian Run the soccer field

Round 2 – Overhead Press

Another Indian run


LBC ICX20; Pretzel crunch ICX10 per side; Dying Cockroach ICX15; Hello Dolly ICX15



Evaluate your priorities. Discuss with a trusted person, spouse, friend etc. Keep your eye on what is important to you so that you don’t chase things that are not


[Cock Burpees are a thing. JD doesn’t have much doodle doo after his cock-a-. No merlot splashed for swingset, great job


Battery 1 year anny on saturday 11/23

Thanksgiving Day Converge at Hill City – 5:30, IB and Skitch on Q

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