Pickle Balled

QIC: Toe Tag

Date: 11/22/2019

PAX: Jazzy Jag, Fissure, DNF, WuzntMe, Fastlane, Mayhem, Swipe Right, Angelhair, JohnDoe, Threeskin, Whittler, Sidekick, FNG- Roofie, FNG- Cavity Search

AO: Hacksaw


It was a perfect 55 degrees and no rain.


SSH ICX20; Willie Mays Hayes ICX10; Forward Fold ICX10; Little Baby Arm Circles ICX10; Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles ICX10; Shoulder Press ICX10; SSH ICX20; Mosey to Pickle Ball Court

The Thang

Pickle Balled

8 groups of 2 PAX on each half of each court

Station 1 – Mtn Climbers

Station 2 – Air Squats

Station 3 – Flutter Kicks

Station 4 – Shoulder Taps

Station 5 – Reverse Lunge

Station 6 – Big Boy Sit Ups

Station 7 – Monkey Humpers

Station 8 – Aqua Mans

This was a timed exercise with 1 minute at each exercise and then there was a two minute run in between each station.

Mosey back to parking lot


American Hammer ICX20; Box Cutters ICX10; Fissures Choice ICx12


Perseverance is something that we all need to help make it through some days. Know that we have others out there to help us persevere and it is okay to reach out when we need that help.


According to some…. Fissure’s warm ups are better than mine.


Thanksgiving Day Converge at Hill City – 5:30, IB and Skitch on Q

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