Clean up to Ring 1

QIC: Best in Show

Date: 11/18/2019

PAX: Peanuts, FNG Swisher, Mayhem, WallaWalla, The Count (respect squared) Swipe Right, Gru, Fastlane, Sidekick, Oiler, Sidekick

AO: Beast Ridge

A crisp mid 30’s start to the week. 

COP : A quick 30 SSH and we move out to the stadium to check out all 6 rings of the BIS dog show.

The Thang

Six rings of fun for the pax, each ring would have various exercises and for fun a jailbreak sprint between each stop. Finish up the first exercise in each ring and move on to the next

Ring 1 , incline merkins, decline merkins, box jumps

Ring 2, shoulder taps, St Bernard squats, High Knees

Ring 3, bear crawls, Bernie Sanders (uphill x4)

Ring 4 Burpees!

Ring 5, suicide sprints

Ring 6 Wall sits, donkey kicks, wall jacks


Ran out of time and didn’t get all the planned exercises in, but there was still plenty to go around.


the strength of the fellowship of F3 has meant a lot to me. The impact of these men has been powerful for me.
enough of the mushy stuff…

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