Mosey Here, Mosey There

QIC: Escobar

Date: 11/26/2019

PAX: WuzntMe, Deep Dish, El Chapo, Sandwich, Clothespin, Floaties

AO: The Battery


Dark, Cold, Surprisingly No Rain


Moseyed along greenway about 1/4 mile. Stopped and did 20 SSH. Moseyed back to starting area. SSH x 20. LBAC 10ish (lost count but Deep Dish had us over 1,000 by his count) forward, reverse 10ish. WMH x 20.

The Thang

Moseyed to the hill and then up (some profane words may have been spoken when we turned to go up the hill). Reached top 10 merkins OYO.

Moseyed down hill, 10 merkins OYO. Moseyed up hill, 10 merkins OYO. Moseyed down hill.

Walking Lunge from bottom of hill to the top. May have done 10 merkins at top but I can’t remember. Walking squat down the hill (this sounds like a better idea than what we did. We actually took a step and did a squat, took a step and did a squat and on and on, but thinking back, I should have had the PAX in squat position and walking down the hill in this fashion. Noted for next time.)

From bottom of hill, standing position walk your hands out in front of you to plank position, jump feet towards hands (like a burpee), then broad jump. Repeat move going up hill. (intended to go up the entire hill but did a Omaha about 3/4 up and changed to Bear Crawl the remaining portion). Held Al Gore till six was in.

Moseyed down hill for 3 minute core work. 45 seconds each of Leg Lifts, Plank knee tuck to cross body kick through (alternating legs), Alternating Single Leg V ups, Hammers.

Moseyed to pavilion. OYO Box Jumps, Decline Merkins, Dips x 20 each. Recover. 15 each OYO. Recover. 10 each OYO.

Moseyed to Flags. Johnny Cash Ring of Fire holding plank rotating in clockwise fashion each member performed a merkin in their own time (Deep Dish, El Chapo, and Floaties were not in a hurry).

Ended with a little stretching: Honeycutts x20 count each arm. Triceps stretch x 20 count each arm. Family reunion stretch (clasp hands behind back and stretch upwards) x 20 count. Forward Fold x 20 count. Time.


Told PAX how I felt I had reasons for not working out today and the only reason I did was because I was the Q. My excuses were clearly not valid enough to not show, but I could have convinced myself they were. So the moral of the story is, show up. Do whatever it takes to get your butt out of bed and get better. Travel to other AOs so you can get better more than 2 days a week in the land of Cleves. If you can’t travel, hold yourself accountable in some manner to complete workouts at home. Keep pushing yourself.

Multiple prayer requests for healing and divine intervention in the families of Prosciutto and El Chapo.

WuzntMe lead us out with prayer.


WuzntMe said something about his tight rear at some point as we moseyed up the hill. Not sure what he was referring to. Sounds like the beat down this past Saturday for the 1 year anny was awesome and they even have a gift from Abscess they will be incorporating into the beat downs soon.


Thanksgiving Day: give your body thanks by getting to Hill City for an IronButt and Skitch hour long beat down starting at 5:30.

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