10 or 11 bites at a time…

QIC: Threeskin

Date: 11/25/2019

PAX: Best In Show, Chavez, Dolly, Early Bird, Fissure, Lanyard, Jazzy Jag, Mayhem, FNG – Plunger, Gru, John Doe, Stars, Swing Set, Swipe Right, Toe Tag, Vaccine

AO: Beast Ridge


38 degrees and moderate humidity, let it snow!


Let there be Side Straddle Hops! 100IC

SSH x 10 mosey
‘lil babe’ arm circles
SSH x 10 mosey
‘lil babe’ arm circles – other way
SSH x 10 mosey
Mayhem’s Moroccan Night Club
SSH x 10 mosey
Military Press
SSH x 10 mosey
Seal Claps
SSH x 10 mosey
Tea Pots
SSH x 10 mosey
Good Mornings
SSH x 10 mosey
Willie Mays Hays
SSH x 10 mosey
3rd Grade Exercises
SSH x 10 mosey

The Thang

WARNING: Only complete once you are warm.
11 Elephants

1st Set: hold position
Partner 11s:
Curls & 8 Count Body Builders & Mtn Climbers
Mosey to SSHs

2nd Set: swap position

3rd Set: swap positions til time

We didn’t break a world record, but we will try again…


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…
600 SSHs – If I told you before we started would you have thought we could have done it?
Learn to pace yourself, learn to reach out to others, and learn to maximize the time you have. Achieving your goals will become a natural way to live and work.


It takes a lot of SSHs to sharpen some guys.

PAX just couldn’t get enough SSHs so we did more. Not saying “in cadence” is a hard habit to break.

Some where close to splashing merlot on the 8ct BB rounds 🍷

0 modifications by the Q. One PAX decided to modify 8ct BBs with a jump. 🤦🏼‍♂️


Thanksgiving at Hill City on… if you don’t know by know I can’t help you.

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