1st Anniversary Domestic Beatdown

QIC: Abscess

Date: 11/23/2019

PAX:  Deep Dish, Fissure, The Count, Mayhem, 9Volt, Clothespin, Bubbles, Shotput, Three Skin, ElChapo, Gru, WuzntMe, Topless, Sandwich, PorkBelly, Bernie, Topless, FNG-Floaties

AO: The Battery


Raining like pouring piss out of a boot.


25 SSH
10 Burpees
10 Tempo Merkins
9 Burpees
10 Tempo Merkins
8 Burpees
10 Emperial Squat Walkers

The Thang

Painful Abscess

Grab a Coupon off of the trailer. Mosey with coupon over your head to Hell Hill
Do escalator up the hill:
1st Cone 10 burpees
2nd Cone20 Merkins
3rd Cone 30 star jumps
4th Cone 40 squats
Go to 1 cone do exercise then back the go to 1st cone do exercise then proceed to 2nd cone and do exercise and back. Repeat process until through all 4 stations. Modes of Transportaion vary!
Once all 4 completed grab Coupon and go to the top of the hill,

On top of the hill:

Trifecta battle buddy up -100 curls, 100 presses, 100 triceps (using Coupons)
Battle Buddy runs down and does 10 Dive bombers. Switch places! Rinse and repeat until all reps have been cumulatively finished. Once completed, get coupons, and mosey down the hill toward the pavilion. Stop and drop coupons in a strategic place for later use.

In the pavilion:
Do 11s with Box jumps and Big Boy Situps

Then mosey back out to parking area and do360 degree bear crawls with burpees at the direction change!

Battle Buddy back up:
One buddy does Hi Knees while the other holds a low squat with a coupon for 30 seconds then partners change places. Rinse and repeat. Once finished, line up at cones placed along the edge of the parking area. (10 cones placed approx. 12’ apart)

Frog jump between the cones and do a merkin at each cone. Go up and back then mosey to the flags for Mary.

15 Tempo BBS
15 leg tempo leg lifts (legs at 90 degrees then 45 degrees and then 6” off the ground holding different intervals of time)


The mission of F3 is plant grow and serve small Mens workout groups to invigorate community Leadership

You’ve planted, growing , now time to serve

Service and leadership go hand in hand

First keep doing what your doing coming out

FITNESS is important but why is it necessary to be fit mentally, physically, and spiritually
It’s not about you being in shape for you it’s about serving others and helping others get better

How do we serve? First God, second family, third our brothers….notice I don’t say work
Anything else is a distraction

The best way to grow is to serve.
Hebrews 6:10
Galatians 5:13
This Holiday season there will be opportunities
So keep coming out and make the EH
2020 motto is serve


Something about the rain must have caused fissure to lose his shirt. The sight really caught the Count’s attention especially during the Hi knees partner exercises. Clothespin showed everyone that shorty can get low.


Thanksgiving at Hill City, El Chapo VQ in December

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