Let There Be Merkins

QIC:  Fissure

Date: 12/14/2019

PAX: FNG-Twitch, Pink Panther (Respect), Bumblebee, Iron Butt (Respect), Lady Scot, Back Pew, Uncle Fester, Skitch, U-Turn, Peanuts

AO: Landfill


Overnight rain, low 50s


SSH x 25 IC
5 burpees
SSH x 20 IC (Lady Scot called cadence like a boss)
5 burpees
SSH x 15 IC (Pink Panther called cadence like a boss)
5 burpees
SSH x 10 IC
5 burpees
SSH x 5 IC
5 burpees
Mosey down to middle parking lot
10 merkins IC, 10 squats IC
9 merkins IC, 9 squats IC
8 merkins IC, 8 squats IC
7 merkins IC, 7 squats IC
6 merkins IC, 6 squats IC
5 merkins IC, 5 squats IC
4 merkins IC, 4 squats IC
3, merkins IC, 3 squats IC
2 merkins IC, 2 squats IC
Why not do 1 of each in cadence at this point? Great question.
Mosey down to bottom lot
1 merkins IC, 1 squat IC
Little baby arm circles x 10 IC
LBAC reverse x 10 IC
Overhead press x 10 IC
Cherry pickers x 10 IC
Moroccan night clubs x 10 IC
Hold arms outstretched x 10 IC
Mosey to softball fields parking lot with 2 stops along the way for 20 merkins OYO each stop (if you’re counting that gets us to 150 merkins)
10 merkins, then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (up to 260 merkins)

The Thang

Shoulder to shoulder facing the 50 yard curved parking lot at softball fields
Burpee broad jump to the end
Lunge walk back to start
Imperial Walk to the end
50 merkins
walk back to start
50 merkins (360 total merkins for the day)
Mosey back to Landfill with a couple stops for the six
We ended the day at the lower lot of Landfill due to time


F3 Chattanooga does a good job with the first F (Fitness). In 2020 look for more emphasis on developing leadership. Much like the ability to do a lot of merkins, leadership is a skill that needs to be developed.


Pink Panther brought his son, a freshman at Louisville, to the gloom for the first time. He made it all the way until the end of the COT before splashing merlot after telling us a great high school story that involved spewing all over a friend’s carpet.


No Christmas Workout

News Years Day convergence @ Lions Den

Gloomies Jan 13th 630pm

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