22 by 2s, One inch at at time

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 12/14/2019

PAX: El Chapo, Clothespin

AO: The Battery


50 and drizzly. Battery Weather


STRETCHHHHH, 3rd grade exercises ICX12, Forward Fold ICX12; SSH ICX20; Slow Squats ICX15, Slow Mercans ICX10

Mosey to Tennis courts – Side Shuffle to corner 5 mercans, Bear Crawl to corner – 5 Mercans, Side shuffle to corner – 5 mercans, Bernie to corner – 5 Mercans; Rinse and Repeat with karaoke instead of side shuffle

Mosey to Hell hill – Inchworms to the top – Exercise

Mosey to the pavilion for the thang

The Thang

22s by 2

Start at the Pavilion with 20 Dercans; mosey to the end of the skate park and back; 2 Squats; Mosey to the end of the skate park and back; 18 Dercans – Mosey – 4 squats. Continue on this pattern until you reach 2 Dercans and 20 squats.

Mosey to flag.



Appreciate everyday you have, don’t rush through your kids childhood. Remain patient and in control of your emotions. All too easy to get frustrated with family this time of year. Take the time to enjoy the holidays.


Smelled like waffle cones all day. Hard to stay focused when they are making Twix bars over the fence


El Chapo VQ next saturday. Lots of props, bound to be good

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