5 x 400 x 5

QIC:  WuzntMe

Date: 12/19/2019

PAX: Prosciutto, Holy Kiss, Gecko, Burrito, Blindside, Kickback, Friar Tuck, Coypu

AO: SmackSaw?


Cold and clear.


Two laps around the track
SSH x20
WMH x 10
Forward Fold x10
SSH x10
LBAC x10
Seal Claps x10
SSH x 10
Don Quixote x10
Lewinsky x10

The Thang

Pick up your coupon and follow me…
Set up shop by the bleachers.
10 manmakers
20 merkins
30 Dips
40 reverse crunches
50 LBCs
then run a lap. Repeat x6.

After round one, to accommodate for time, we cut all totals in half. Made it through five total rounds before time.


I’ve done a similar workout to this before, and I shared my sentiments as well. This is a you-v-you workout. And if you were focused only on yourself, you wouldn’t have noticed the man next to you that was going through the same strife, struggle, and difficulty that either you were, or were set to, go through. It’s easy as men to become isolated. But I challenge you to take a look around and see who is traveling the same road you are, and how you can encourage them. How is someone else encouraging you? The enemy wants you isolated and alone so he can have your wife, and take your kids. Don’t buy the lie that you must stay alone.


Burrito has ruined lasagna for everyone – even though Mama Pro said never to eat lasagna after 6. Requests to see the Heisman have been largely denied.

The men of SmackDown donated a trunkload full of clothing. Mad respect.
Prayers for families dealing with illness.


No workout on Christmas Day. Convergence on 1/1 at Lion’s Den.
Gloomies upcoming during the LSU/Ohio State game.

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