Rise of Skywalker – GeekSquad Edition

QIC:  GeekSquad

Date: 12/19/2019

PAX: Couch Potato, Ducktales, Hasbro & U-Turn

AO: The “planet” Huey


Cold and clear.


Da Warm up (in the parking lot


Finn’s Imperial Walkers x 15

Chewbacca Arm Stretches x 15 each Arm

Princess Leahs  butterflies- x 15

C3P0 Finkle Swings – x 15 each leg

R2D2 – SSH x 25

Skywalker’s 3rd Grade Exercises x 15

Rey’s Willie Mays Hayes x 15

Yoda’s Slow Abe begodas x 15

R2D2- SSH x 25

Kylo REN – Butt kickers – x 15

OBI Wan – Wide High knees x 15

Finn’s Imperial Walkers x 15

The Thang

Mosey to Back parking lot for DORA 

  1. Lando Lunges.       100
  2. BB-8 Burpees.      80
  3. Sith Squats.        100
  4. Poe’s Plank jacks.  100
  5. Jedi  Frog jumps 7 out Bear Crawl  back 3 sets (start and finish together)
  6. Storm Trooper- Alternating Shoulder Taps 100


Encourage your brothers, make the most of time with family & May the Force be with you!


No workout on Christmas Day. Convergence on 1/1 at Lion’s Den.
Gloomies upcoming during the LSU/Ohio State game.

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