Lion of a Pyramid Scheme

QIC: Ducktales

Date: 02/24/2020

PAX: Money Ball, Blindside, Friar Tuck, Roomba, Payload, Oil Can, Chief, Geek Squad, Whittler, Iron Butt, Sidekick, Pebbles, Burrito, Back Pew, Free Candy, Skitch

AO: Lions Den


41 degrees with a wind that had me second guessing #steve…. Once I jumped around some a shirt and pants were a good choice.


Flutter mosey to big hill

Bernie up hill LBC til all of PAX in

Mosey down

Mid way back we circled up in plank for Wheel of mericans. Burrito did 3!

The Thang

PBR- Pyramid Bleacher Routine 

Partner A) explode up bleachers and back down small steps

While B starts exercises

100 Merkins

150 2 count flutters (count left foot)

100 burpees

150 2 count flutters AGAIN (right foot)

100 Merkins

For the finishers 150 LBCs (Cheaters!)

Mosey to parking lot.

Turkish wheel with sandbag. I love these and we are going to continue to sprinkle these in until the PAX are slinging 120 bags like pillows.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Still had 3 minutes so we pretzel-ed IC

flutter kicked IC til exactly 06:15


Sidekick had to run and this is proof that our Nantan makes the rounds!

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Thank you for your leadership. YOU MAKE ME WANT TO BE A BETTER MAN

Ball of MEN


Just over 1 year ago I was continuing the EH and got F3 Moneyball out in the Gloom. It was my first Saturday Q at the landfill…. I got the PAX strung out to a record proportion (never pick up the 6 as the Q) To see the growth of leaders that have been impacted by Moneyball record EHing is truly amazing. If you need an AO anywhere Moneyball has 5 friends there and we can launch this Saturday. We met through the Chamber of commerce and Craig is a champion of getting to know you. F3 helps him and myself get our connection for the day out of the way. We share a passion to interact with friends and learn from others and build relationships with new friends.

Today was the first post that I got to lead with one of my close friends. Known in the early morning Gloom as Chief. I called out the runners for being slow and to catch up to me (the slow rucker). I turned around and chief had turned it on, and was on my heels in milliseconds. From our last fellowship together we gained the Universal knowledge to the guide in ANY situation, while at cigar mans fine local establishment. IF EVER in unknown territory just ask yourself, What would Cigar Man Do?

Burrito is renamed donkey show until he changes his name in slack.

Mr. Clean was missed, he is on Q here friday, watch out for the ditch!

Coffiteria was awesome with Back Pew. This talented man gets to show people the holy land for the first time and loves seeing their reactions. Literally trips to Jerusalem. We started forming a plan to take a group of us on a low budget trip that will involve rucking. Here is a map for our route

A map of the various routes Jesus took on His journeys to Jerusalem throughout His ministry. Many of the roads in use then, remain in use today. Some have been used for thousands of years. Bible Mapping, Bible Resources, Journey Mapping, Christian Faith, Jerusalem, Christianity, Bible Verses, Maps, Israel


KEEP EHing PAX to burpee, we need other Regions help to get to our goal of 1,000,000 we are currently over 50,000 of these devilish moves so far for 2020.

FRIDAY SCENIC CITY RUCKERS! come join us save your knees and still outrun the pax by Ruck training with us! follow us here <a href="" class="twitter-hashtag-button" data-show-count="false">Tweet #wordpress</a><script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

March 4th 8 am to 9 lets F3 it up at a chamber AM networking

Goruck stars 50 ATL March 7th join Vila and I reach out to me. Clean about relay team.

March 21st 11 am ‪‬ join F3 Huey team

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