The Mamba Mentality

QIC:  Goose

Date: 2/1/2020

PAX: Moneyball, The Count, Fissure, Skitch, Fly-by, Pink Panther, FNG-Rocket Man, FNG-Skywalker, Nemo

AO: The Landfill

Conditions: Chilly and overcast

COP(all 24 reps each unless noted as OYO): SSH, Willie Mays Hays,3rd grade exercises, Forward fold OYO, Quad Stretch OYO, Windmill, Cherry Pickers, SSH

The Thang

Mosey to bottom of path with light poles, mosey back up stopping at every 4th light pole to do 24 squates. repeat on the way back down.

Mosey to base of hill

Adora: 24×24 =576, partners do 576 reps of either SSH or squats while other partner moseys/bernies up hill.

Mosey to field. Squats, high knees, and bear crawl, across and back.

Bernie Sanders up hill with rock and back x2

Circle of Mary

COT: Kobe inspired workout today. I talked about his leadership and referred to a recent quote from him about what it means to be a leader. “In our culture, you can do great things alone, but i don’t think they reach their full potential until they happen collectively.” He then went on to mention how his success and leadership didn’t happen until he learned empathy and helping others.