Living on wheel barrowed time

QIC:  Pebbles

Date: 01/28/2020

PAX: VSquared, Backfire, Dolly, Sunburn (R), Count (RR)

AO: Boneyard


Cool, yet dry.


15-Imperial Walkers IC

15-Dive Bombers IC

15-Squat Press IC

Jail Break across parking lot, mosey back

15-Burpees OYO

The Thang


Parterned up:

1 partner does 10 merkins then wheel barrows for 40 yards. Switch. 2x.

120 squats total with coupon, swapping when needed, partner holding al gore.

120 merkins total, swapping when needed, patner holding plank.

80-Kettle Bells with coupon, swapping when needed, partner holds al gore.

1 partner does 15, then wheel barrows for 40 yards. Switch.

20 Overhead press with coupon. Partner holds al gore Lunges 40 yards holding the coupon. Switch. 2x.

Abs of steel: IC 20-American Hammers, 20-Flutter Kicks, 20-American Hammers, 50-LBC, 20-American Hammers, 20-Plank Jacks, 15-American Hammers, 1 Minute Plank


Wet feet. Joshua in the Jordan.

In the book of Joshua in the bible, I talked about how Joshua lead the Isrealites to the promised land. He had the courage to cross the Jordan, even though it didn’t make sense at the time of how it would go. Years before, Moses lead the Isrealites through the Red Sea where Moses only had to raise his staff. And here Joshua was wading in the waters knee deep, before the waters rose. I spoke about how it takes faith to go beyond your limits. Reference Joshua Chapter 3!


This was a redemption Q from missing my Q the previous Friday.


Convergence at the Dam Feb 8th!

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