See Quad City

QIC:  Sunshine

Date: 02/11/2020

PAX: Uncle Fester, Ramos, Hobo, Blindside, Pink Panther, Money Ball, Back Pew, Red Tees, Jaywalk, Skitch, Reepicheep

AO: Hill City


Wet and soggy.


Side straddle hop x20

Shadow jump rope x10

3rd grade exercise x10

Willy Mays Hayes x10

Windmills x10

Imperial Walkers x10

Arm circles forward x10

Arm circles backward x10

Moroccan night club x10

10 burpees OYO

The Thang

See Quad City

Partner DORA with a rock

10 LBCs

Kettlebell swings x100

Goblet squats x150

Squat thrusters x200

Broad jump to next pillar -10 merkins- broad jump back


You don’t have to do everything. Teach and delegate to others to focus on providing your best impact.


The workout was originally intended for other locations within Hill City, but flood waters required a change.


CSAUP Tuff Muff on 2/22.

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