The Real AO – No Smack Needed (Hacksaw 2/12/20)

QIC:  John Doe

Date: (2/12/2020)

PAX: WuzntMe, Bernie, Deep Dish, Clothespin, Mayhem (R), Fastlane, Escobar, Walla Walla, Vaccine, Cold Play, Speed Trap, Peanuts, Toe Tag, Swipe Right

AO: Hacksaw


Relatively warm for the season with some dampness in the air


Mosey to Police Parking Lot; SSH – 20 (IC); Forward Fold – 10 (IC); Third Grade Exercise – 10 (IC); Willie Mays Hayes – 10 (IC); SSH – 20 (IC); Mosey to Pavilion

The Thang

Pretty simple routine to help build the burpee count

Climbing The Burpee Pyramid
20 Minute exercise

1st Minute = 1 burpee; 2nd Minute = 2 burpees; 3rd Minute = 3 burpees…..18th Minute = 18 burpees; 19th minute = 19 burpees; 20th minute = 20 burpees

No rest in between minutes

Once PAX hit a max – then the goal was to work their way back down the pyramid.

Example: did all the way up the pyramid to the 15th Minute (15 Burpees for that minute); 16th minute did 15 burpees instead of 16, 17th minute did 14 burpees instead of 17, etc…

Two HIIT Burpee
10 Minute exercise

30 seconds – Bonnie Blair Burpees (Basically Jump into a Bonnie Blair instead of straight up)

30 seconds – Rest

30 seconds – Squat Burpee (Plank Jack into a jump squat)

30 seconds – Rest

Rinse and Repeat 5 times


Discussed the 3rd-F ministry and how it would be nice to see more HIMs involved. We have had 7-8 HIMs consistently raise their hands to serve on Tuesdays night, but it doesn’t expand much further than that. Need more support in that area. Touched on how I relaize some people don’t want to help because they feel these homeless did this to themselves through poor decisions, which may be true. However, there are people out there that are truly needing help and need a jumpstart to get back on their feet. Challenged the PAX to think about and focus on the ONE they can help verses the other 99. left the PAX with the following as they reflect on how they can support.

Share your time for the benefit of others.

They are to do good, to be rich in good works,

to be generous and ready to share,

1 Timothy 6:18

BALL OF MAN: Speed trap closed us out in prayer


Everyone mached the Burpee Pyramid when we first started, but there were a lot of quiet and cussing as we moved along. Escobar challenged the length of time it took the QIC to come up with this routine. As mentioned during the workout, it’s not always about length of time but how it makes you feel afterwards.

Swipe Right bailed on us before the 6:15am mark. I think he was upset with me for forgetting to tag him the night before. Oh, and Speed Trap loves 90s workout music. It’s his favorite.

Most notably there a group of women doing Yoga in the building next to us, whcih we could easily see through glass windows. If you’re looking for a reason to check out Hacksaw, well there it is. And as our lovely AOQ stated they were both “stunning and brave.”


3rd-F – Sign Up, we need new faces, March Q’s are open

Tuff Muff on Saturday 2/22/20

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