It’s my party and I’ll mosey if I want to!

QIC:  Clothespin

Date: 02/14/2020

PAX: Wuzntme, Annie, Banjo, 9Volt(R), ElChapo, Cold Play, Chaves, Escobar, Vaccine

AO: Hacksaw


Nippy but it didn’t keep the frogs from singing!


Mosey to parking lot on south side of Police Station
Calf stretch 15 second each Leg
Forward Fold 15 IC
Willy Mayse Hayse 12 IC
Triceps Stretch 10 seconds each Arm
Windmill 14 IC

The Thang

This idiot made us run!
Jog two minutes
10 burpees
Jog two minutes
20 Merkins
Jog Two minutes
20 Big Boy Sit-ups
Jog Two Minutes
10 Groundhogs
Jog two minutes
10 Lunges each leg
Did each exercise twice except for the burpees. Traveled 2.28 miles according to my fitbit. Made it back to the parking lot in time to do some Mary.
20 Flutter Kicks IC
20 100’s IC


Be the best you can be for you and you family! Keep Trygg in your prayers and Keep ElChapo’s brother in your prayers!
BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


No groundhogs were harmed in the preparation and/or the execution of this beatdown routine! I am not responsible for anybody confusing Groundhogging with Prairiedogging and crapping themselves today!


Tuff Muff 2-29-20

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