Slippery when wet

QIC:  Jazzy Jag

Date: 02/20/20

PAX: Iron Butt(RR), Dolly, SwipeRight, Lanyard, BM&E, Doodles, Jabooti

AO: RidgeCut


Cold and rainy. This is becoming a theme…


Mosey to light pole

SSH x 20 IC

Squat x 10 IC

LBAC x 15 IC

Reverse x 15 IC

Smurf jacks x 10 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Moroccan night club x 15 IC

Overhead press x 15 IC

Monkey humpers x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey around BX, up hill, to S Terrace. Sumo leg lifts at cars on S Terrace. Mosey to side street. Monkey humpers at people trying to go to work. We did not cause a crash.

The Thang

10 lines of flags the short way across soccer field – soccer field very slick
Each set of suicides had a traveling exercise and a station exercise. Travel to first flag, one rep station exercise, run back. Travel to second flag, 2 reps station exercise, run back etc.

Bernie Sanders – Merkins

Bear Crawls – Squats

Karaoke – Mountain Climbers

SSHs – Good Mornings



Q was recently impacted by suicide – family member of a church acquaintance. Reminder to all PAX to reach out to people you haven’t heard from in a while, support men in your communities as you can. Also, Q has the Suicide Hotline # 1-800-273-8255 saved in phone. You never know when you might encounter someone who needs more significant help than just an encouragement from a friend.


Slippery surfaces led to groin injury – Iron Butt is working it out – hope to see him recover quickly.

BM&E jumped out of the circle for a bit to help someone on S Terrace change a tire – nice work! They were confused why he did a burpee for every rotation of the tire iron.


Tuff Muff Saturday – check Slack

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