There a Chill at SmackDown!!

QIC:  TheCount (Respect,Respect)

Date: 02/20/2020

PAX:  (13) Blindside, BobbyTrap, Buritto, DuckTales, FriarTuck (Respect), Gusher, HolyKiss, MoneyBall, Pediasure, Proscuitto, Shredder, Wake, Whitler   

AO: SmackDown


Cool Morning around 23 degrees, very light breeze, and snow flurries.


SSH-Forward Fold-Willie Mays Hayes-Finkle Swing- Quad Stretch

The Thang

Charles Bronson “Jr”
Cones set up at starting point and then approx 35 yards and another 15 yards from there. At starting point all PAX will perform 25 Reps of each exercise. After completing each set of 25 reps PAX AYG to cones at 35 yards drop to BearCrawl and go 15 yards. Mosey back to start and wait for 6 to complete (First PAX to complete Exercises, AYG, BearCrawl, after returning to start will turn back and pick of 6. Each PAX will do this until all go pick up 6.

Exercises: SSH, Merkins, Burpees, LBC’s, Jump Squats, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, Lunges.

After all nine exercises are complete mosey to bleachers and do 10 step ups each leg, followed by 30 Dips.

Mosey back to starting point and begin round 2. Rinse and Repeat but this round do 15 reps.

Mary (4 Minutes)


Announcements about Tuff Muff 2.0 Saturday, February 22.
BALL OF MAN: Brothers prayed for those who requested and for those unheard. Also shared Lesson 10 from Colin Powell on Leadership (below)


Buritto talks a lot, but he does make us laugh…Well except Friar Tuck!! 🙂


Reminder about Tuff Muff 2.0

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