Tuff Muff 2 (Lions Den, Landfill, Hill City, 2/22/20)

QIC:  Peanuts (LionsDen)/TheCount (LandFill)/SideKick (HillCity

Date: 02/22/2020

PAX: Mr. Clean, She Shed, Vaccine, Wuzntme, Burrito, Fissure, Skitch, Prosciutto, Sidekick, Jaywalk, Rocket Man, Escobar, Ducktales, John Doe, The Count (Respect x 2)

AO: Lions Den, Landfill, Hill City


Cool Beautiful Morning (29 Degrees at LionsDen at StartEx and 38 Degrees by EndEX at HillCity)


N/A. If you show up to this thing and need a warm up you are already in trouble.

The Thang

Lions Den (aka LD) – Peanuts on Q

Mosey to the bleachers and pax counted off into pairs. Attempted music – failed (repeatedly pointed out by Pro-sec-utt-ios (definitely spelled it write this time)). And now for something completely stupid and utterly pointless, or, if you want to feel better about yourself, a Tuff Muff….

  1. Round 1: Pax 1 = Inverted Row x 75/Pax 2 = Box Jumps up bleachers. Rotate. Continue until 6 is in. Return to track and mosey to the other bleachers.
  2. Round 2: Pax 1 = Dips x 150/Pax 2 = Run the stairs up and down all four sets. Rotate. Continue until 6 is in. Return to track and mosey to the other bleachers.
  3. Round 3: Pax 1 = Bulgarian Split Squats x 200/Pax 2 = Indian Run around the track. Continue until 6 is in. Return to track and mosey to the other bleachers.
  4. Round 4: Pax 1 = Inc Merkins(started with 200 and redux to 150 for time)/Pax 2 = Box Jumps. Continue until 6 is in. Return to track and mosey to the flag.

LandFill (Q-TheCount) Burpee Apocolypse followed by Deck of Pain
Warm Up – SSH (20 IC) followed by 10 Burpees. Rinse and repeat 20 SSH IC followed by 9 Burpees continue until 20 SSH IC and 1 Burpee.

Deck of Pain (2-10 Cards – Add 10 Reps of Seconds to number on card and perform exercise on card. Jack/Queen/King – 25 Reps of exercise on card. Aces – 100 Reps of exercise. Of note 80 Burprees were performed between Apocolypse and Deck of Pain. 250 IC- SSH were performed. Incline Merkins, Decline Merkins, Merkins, Ranger Merkins, Chuck Norris Merkins, 100 Flutter Kicks, Bear Crawls, Squats and lunges.

My Pet Rock(s) – Hill City – SIdekick

Grab a monster rock and a smedium rock. Series of exercises with monster rock, 15 reps each. Smedium rock about 30 yards away, used for bench press and core exercise coupon.

Round 1 – Curls – Bear Crawl – Bench press and Core; Mosey back

Round 2 – Bent over Rows – Bear Crawl – Bench Press and Core; Mosey back

Round 3 – Overhead press – Bear Crawl – Bench press and core; Mosey back

Round 4 – Goblet squats – Lunge- bench press and core; Mosey back

Round 5 – Bench press – Traveling Burpees – Bench Press and Core; mosey back



There were three; each more exciting than the next.


  1. Prosciutto’s Musings:
    1. Crossfit exercises are not equal to the rest of the world’s exercises; in name or in execution
    2. What exactly is a squat thruster anyway?
    3. Berating and yelling about form encourages the pax to work harder and improves morale
    4. Next year’s event planning will include a “Route Q”. Some pax have indicated/shown (?) that it’s tough to remember two turns.
    5. Lillie Mae’s place brunch is the equivalent to a knock-out punch in the 10th round
  2. Sidekick’s Confessions
    1. I am a broken old man
    2. 4.3 miles is really not that far
    3. 2.1 miles after two beat downs and a 4.3 mile run, although downhill, still blows
    4. I almost shattered my face with my rock on rep 12 of the overhead press, hence the almost imperceptible inflection in my mostly gone cadence
    5. We all need to be skeptical anytime Mr. Clean evaluates something for size

3. Escobar’s mischief: shortly after leaving Lion’s Den, I was running alongside Fissure and made a few statements/questions. After talking for a minute, Fissure stated, “I don’t like to talk when I’m running. I hate running and by not talking it helps me get through it.” So I proceeded to carry on a conversation the rest of the run, trying to see if he would just ignore me or run away. He did neither.


The Tuff Muff is over, let us all go in peace.

Be on the lookout for future CSAUPs being planned and in the works

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