The W Road, Fog and Mud…Oh My!

QIC:  Red Tees

Date: 2/25/2020

PAX: Holy Kiss, Prosciutto, Gusher, Whittler, Pediasure, Burrito

AO: Smackdown


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…nah just kinda foggy but pretty comfortable for February. I did pick the muddiest and most uncomfortable places to do our workouts in an AO with pretty good facilities overall…That’s me, I could screw up a rock throwing contest.


SSH’s, Forward Folds ham string stretches and Willy Mays Hayes as well as some planks and merkins on a track that was not made for planks and merkins, but our guys were tough. Arm circles forward and reverse as well as cherry pickers.

The Thang

We started with an Indian Run and burpees around the track. Then we partnered up and moseyed to the bleachers. The good men of Smackdown had some coupons for us and while one pax did 2 rounds of box jumps up the bleachers the other pax did their share of 100 dips, 150 monkey humpers, 200 flutter kicks 250 squats and 200 curls all utilizing the cinder blocks. In the middle of the Dora we stopped to do the Roxanne shuffle made popular by Free Candy and burpees to I Won’t Back Down, because it popped up in the playlist I made, and it’s a great way to know\ck out 19 burpees a man toward our million burpee challenge. We ended with Mary which included crunches heel touches and Freddie Mercuries.


The Good Lord gives us new mercy and blessing each day. The men who came out to push themselves and each other were a blessing to me. Friar Tuck needs to be lifted up for healing his knee and just encouragement to keep coming out and modifying. We love ya brother, We want to remember Laces Out and his mission in Uganda and the transition in leadership happening there. We want to pray for the man or woman that God has in line to take on the leadership of that mission. God is all good and he works all things for good for those who love Him. It’s in his time and for his purposes, we just have to have faith and follow Him. Also keep Pro’s mom in our prayers as she is having another medical procedure on her road to recovery. The transition of going from being cared for by your parents to caring for them is odd and a learning process for us all I would imagine, but from what I know of Prosciutto he will handle whatever comes with grace and care.


I was late because the Q should be there to welcome everyone and I was the last there. I took us to the muddy spots of the workout area, had us doing push ups on the roughest part of the track and I think the lady walking on the track may have called the neighborhood watch because of the loud music I was playing. Luckily all the guys gave me grace for my missteps, worked their butts off and were really encouraging one to another. I can’t wait for Pediasure’s VQ (you will do great, my wife and I were in Kenny Hammontree’s Sunday School class with you and your wife a few years ago, we have to get him out there at some point) and it was awesome to see Whittler and meet Gusher and Holy Kiss. Burrito as always it’s fun posting with you and Prosciutto you are a machine.


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