Wait…Which Pole Are We Running To?


Date: 02/24/2020

PAX: Jabooti, Early Bird, Toe Tag, Snow Patrol, Money Ball, Swing Set, Fast Lane, Mayhem, The Count, Cold Play, Sparky, Oiler, Peanuts, Home Alone, Best in Show



It’s shocking how the rain stops at 5:29am


It was a warm up like most Beast Ridge warm ups I’ve been involved in. We started with side straddle hops and I had to try a 21 which I thought we might fail once I got the group to “2” in the out loud count and we were a bit off beat and I KNEW we were going to fail at my silent count of 20 and at least two of the Pax proudly exclaimed “21”! 5 burpee penalty enforced.

The Thang

I’m like a cat in may ways. Nimble, love milk, aloof at times and hate getting wet, so I moseyed us over to the pavilion to do our thang even though it wasn’t really raining. We paired up, shockingly I think this is the first time at Beast Ridge that Peanuts and I were not paired up, (team Red-Nuts is a formidable duo), and we embarked on a musical Dora. One pax ran 20 yards and did 5 merkins and back to the pavilion while the other pax did their share of 100 dips, 150 monkey humpers, 200 flutter kicks, and 250 squats. Money Ball did more than his fair share of our Dora because I had to keep monkeying with the music…I owe you brother.

After that each team did 30 crunches while the other partner sat on the wall (rinse and repeat x 3). The group then did the burpee dance to I Won’t Back Down (19 burpees) in honor of The Count being there because Tom Petty’s mom used to work at the police department he worked at in Florida (I think that is the story he told me once any way). We then did an Indian Run in which we did two merkins before we sprinted to the front of the line for a couple of rounds and finished up with a merkin/plank/ab beat down.


I am so thankful for the men the Lord has brought into my life through F3. The accountability, fellowship and support in doing life is a true blessing. I am so thankful for the grace and mercy the Lord shows me each day and the prayers I see being answered for the men in our groups. I encourage all of our guys to put their faith in the Lord and give their worries and anxiety to Him. No matter what is going on here we destined for heaven and an eternal life beyond what we could ever imagine here if we just follow Him as our savior. EB’s wife is having some surgery and the Count’s brother is still in need of our prayers.


Nobody knows which light pole to stop at in the parking lot at Beast Ridge when doing any exercise and I know it’s not just when I am Q 🙂 The Count tried to shame all of us by saying he and Home Alone finished the Dora first with a combined age of 77 and Money Ball was quick to do his mental math and realize ALL the rest of us had a combined age for the most part beyond 77 (He and I were 85 for instance). Sparky never stopped…keep it up brother. Peanuts was right on time at 5:34. Giving Back Pew a run for his money on that Gloomy for 2020.


Join the Bone Marrow Registry guys. Keep Isaac Miller in your prayers. Sign up for the 3rd F service and please go donate blood to support our 100 gallon challenge. The group code is 9004117.

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