What Goes Down Should Come Back UP!

QIC:  GeekSquad

Date: February 27, 2020

PAX: Bandcamp, Cable Cutter, Couch Potato, Ducktales, Hasbro, Milkman, Snowflake & U-Turn 

AO: The Huey 


33 degrees. Windy and cool, but not too bad.


SSH x 25

Mountain Climbers x 15

Proscuitto’s Gold Chains x 15

SSH x 25

Merkins X 15

Moroccan Night Clubs X 15

SSH X 25

Forward LB Arm Circles X 

Backward LB Arm Circles


The Thang

The Thang – Field Trip
30 sec each exercise: 2 Exercises per stop; 1 in plank position and 1 upright (what goes down to plank, comes back up to upright exercises)

    Stop #1 Burpees & Bonny Blair’s – jump Lunges – 30 sec / each
    Stop #2 Plank jacks & Squats jump Lunges – 30 sec / each
    Stop #3 Alternating Shoulder Taps & Mile High Monkey humpers 30 sec / each
    Stop #4 Dive bombers & One legged Bulgarians 30 sec / each
    Stop #5 Peter Parkers & Overhead Presses 30 sec / each

Mosey to Pavilion
     Wall Sits & Bus Drivers – 30 sec / each
     Muhammad Ali’s & Joe Frazier’s – 30 sec / each
     Indian Run with Speaker back to startex. Handoff Speaker to next person in line

What I can remember, “We like to Move it, Move it!”; “So just Chill to the next episode (between stops)”

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“A negative attitude is like a flat tire, before you go anywhere you have to change it,”
I consider myself a positive person and I fight the urge to get sucked into negativity. However, when I am not intentional about it, I tend to be received as supporting negativity. And sometimes, I do allow myself to get sucked in.
I cannot tell you how many times I have dreaded a workout because I was tired physically or mentally and yet pushed through it and afterward was glad I did.
If you ever stop pushing yourself, you will cease know what you are truly capable of. Embrace the suck. What people will always remember is not what you said but rather your attitude when you were faced with difficult times and change.
Be a difference maker by choosing to have a good attitude in all that you do!


What I can remember, “We like to Move it, Move it!”; “So just Chill to the next episode (between stops)

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