Attention to Details – Count The Burpees!!

QIC:  The Count (Respect Respect)

Date: 02/27/2020

PAX: (11 PAX) Dolly, Doodles, Home Alone, Lanyard, Oiler, Sparky, Swing Set, Tinkle, Training Wheels, Villa, Wuzn’t Me

AO: Ridge Cut


34 Degrees, Windy but Dry!


SSH, Forward Fold, Finkle Swing, Willie Mays Hayes, Chest Stretch…

The Thang

6 Stations on one side of field w/Coupons, and 6 Stations directly across field at about 30 Yards (Burpee Stations). PAX pair up and line up across from each other. First Partner does 20 reps of exercise while partner does AMRAP Burpees. Flip Flop 3 times. Rotate to next station Rinse and Repeat. Station 1 – Squats – Station 2 – Overhead Press – Station 3 – Lunges – Station 4 – Curls – Station 5 – Tricep Extensions – Station 6 – Flutter Kicks w/ruck extended above. At the end of the exercises Burpee’s were counted up. In all 420 was best guess.


BALL OF MAN: Countorama, Nameorama,

The object was keep to keep count of the Burpee’s. The lesson is that leaders have to be diligent in keeping their eyes on the “Details” . In leadership those in charge must not allow distractions to obstruct the team from achieving the goal. As you throw different obstacles and distractions into the mix (adding a station, moving between station to station, etc.) Individuals lost counts along the way thus we had to rationally take a good educated guess. Just a simple example what happens when your not focused on the details.

Prayer Requests lifted up to those present and to our brothers in the F3 Nation


It was brought to my attention that I say on occasion “Stop Being a P_ _ _ y”. I want you all to know that it’s said out of love and to motivate… But seriously, some of you guys have real crappy form! 🙂 LOL…


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