Tour de Elmo with Burpees

QIC:  Skitch

Date: 02/21/2020

PAX: Candu, Pebbles

AO: Boneyard


I don’t think it was raining. But there was snow and ice on Lookout thereby trapping the mountain regulars from attending the beat down.


Normal warm up exercises.

The Thang

We traveled.
Tour de Elmo with Burpees

We moseyed, lunged, and bear crawled to the Food City parking lot, out the entrance, around the backside of 1885 and to Clumpies. In between we did burpees, merkins, and wall sits. At Clumpies we did dips and incline merkins near the incline. On the way back with went up steps and on our hands and feet, shuffled a top the board walk. We did more burpees and lunges.


Be faithful in the few things we control and trust God with all the things we do not. As I get older, the less I know (justified, true belief), but faith can fill the gap.


Skitch gave the 1-minute warning to himself and the flag and thought he might start the workout alone. But he didn’t. We did 300 burpees. There was no snow or ice in the valley.


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