Peace be with You

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 03/23/2020

PAX: Best In Show, Candu, Clothespin, Ducktales, Escobar, Fissure, Gecko, Gusher, Holy Kiss, Mayhem, Peanuts, Threeskin

AO: Virtual


Virtual Reality conditions in effect. Beware of your virtual surroundings, phishing, viruses and bugs


SSH, Good Mornings, Willy Mays Hayes, SSH, Arm Circles, Ray Lewis

The Thang

Super 1: (Legs)

  • Wall Sit for time (1 min)
  • Smurf Jacks x 15 OYO
  • John McCains w/ coupon x 15 OYO
  • Squats w/ coupon x 20 OYO
  • Bonnie Blairs x 20 OYO
  • 10 Burpees

    >1 minute out and back run

Super 2: (Cardio)

  • High Knees for time (1 min)
  • Mtn Climbers x 15 OYO (count one leg)
  • Plank Jacks x 15 OYO
  • Wide High Knees x 15 OYO
  • SSH x 15 OYO
  • 10 Burpees (two Merkins)

    >1 minute out and back run

Super 3: (Arms)

  • Curls w/ coupon x 20 OYO
  • Overhead Press w/ coupon x 15 OYO
  • Tricep Extension w/ coupon x 20 OYO
  • Incline Merkin x 15 OYO
  • Decline Merkin x 15 OYO
  • Makhtar N’Diayes x 10 OYO
  • 10 burpees

    >1 minute out and back run

Super 4: (Core)

  • Flutter kicks w/ Coupon overhead x 12 IC
  • American Hammers w/ Coupon x 12 IC
  • Left Plank for time (1 min)
  • Right Plank for time (1 min)
  • Side Bend (L/R) with coupon/weight x 12 OYO
  • 10 burpees (two Merkins)

    >1 minute out and back run

Super 5: (Birthing)

  • Outer Leg Raise (L/R) x 25 OYO
  • Fire Hydrants (L/R) x 15 OYO
  • In and Outs x 15 OYO
  • Pickle Pounders x 15 OYO

    >1 minute out and back run


Matthew 5:9
Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called the Sons of God.

This past week’s sermon from Father/Pastor Blindside (Same) Greer highlighted this verse and he did a much better job explaining. Obviously – the verse and his message – it was poignant and applicable in this time of our lives given the current events. Everyone’s life has changed. Everyone has changed their normal routine and everyone is accepting this differently. Some are scared, some are timid, some are angry…

One thing I’ve noticed is the way others seem to be treating one another out in public. It no longer feels like the South, where folks often give a friendly nod or a “Hows your day?”, holding doors open.

I know that in our daily lives we are all being instructed to distance ourselves which causes us to sometimes see others as a threat. During these times, we should embrace this and become peacemakers in our routines. Even more than ever, should we go out of our way to offer a ‘Hello’ or even just a friendly gesture. If you just ask someone how you can help, that often times translates into a peace-offering. That’s simple and something we can all try to focus on every day, but especially in these days.

Another something Blindside said this past weekend that really stuck with me, “Troubling times and Opportunity often run on parallel tracks”, like in the sense you might think of two trains running parallel. While the Hamill rd Train crossing doesn’t have an exit or overpass, in life we do. Seek opportunity through Peace.


  • Shirtless = Magical
    • Ducktales = Mike Holtzhower
      • Shirtless Ducktales = Magic Mike
        • Any questions?
  • Good thing Mayhem isn’t in full stereo in all workouts; mid-thang sounded like the emphysema was starting to set in
  • Virtual beatdowns are weird, but effective
  • Some guys have early 2000 model Champagne Hondas in their garage, some have Land Rovers; F3 spans all things great and small


Noting the above comment about chaotic times and opportunity, encouraged me. I knew I was missing F3 in my life and thought others might feel the same.

Trouble – F3 has been suspended
Opportunity – Virtual AOs

Check preblasts and slack and get involved. SYITG

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