Social Distancing in Soddy

QIC:  Red Tees

Date: 3/19/2020

PAX: U-Turn, Ducktales, Geek Squad, Milkman, Friar Tuck

AO: Huey


Nice warm morning. I I was running late.


We warmed up with some SSH, a little stretching and a little mosey to Roxanne

The Thang

We made our way to the pavilion after our Roxanne mosey and broke up into pairs. We completed 100 dips, 100 monkey humpers, 200 flutter kicks, 200 squats and 100 incline merkins between partners. While one partner exercised the other partner did 10 step ups on the picnic table benches and the we switched. We did stop briefly during the Dora to do burpees to “Bleed it Out” by Linkin Park (one burpee every time Chester sang bleed it out). After we completed the Dora we did a Native American jog to the parking lot and back and then moseyed back to the pavilion. There we fought COVID-19 by one partner sitting on the wall and punching while the other partner defended themselves by doing 30 Freddy Mercury’s and then switched. We ended with a round of merkins while the group held plan and then werkins while the group help plank and then Captain Thors but only up to 5 (1 big boy set up and 2 American Hammers, multiply the reps by the number you are on).


It’s a crazy time, but I keep reminding myself of Philippians 4 where we are commanded to not be anxious about anything but to rely on the Lord. He is all sovereign and all good. As we practice social distancing let’s use the time to get closer to Him and our families and work on the parts of ourselves that need tending to. If you can support a local business, do it. People are going to be hurting for work and income and if we are able to help others we must.
BALL OF MAN: There were lots of prayer requests for loved ones going through everything from cancer treatment to treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis and for the men who aren’t able to be near their families because of where they live and just the age and risk group loved ones are in.


It was a good workout all the way around. I love the normalcy of seeing the guys and us struggling through this first part of our day. The spacing in the name-a-rama was bit excessive and the no touch fist bumps were a bit odd (actually just made me feel like a lame white dude who isn’t coordinated enough to land a fist bump, but it’s all good).


We are on hold with officially sanctioned F3 workouts until the 30th. Tough call, but keep working out, hitting each other up on Slack and keep each other in our prayers.

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