Groupies, Mania, & A Fandemic – The Battery (5/14/20)

QIC:  John Doe

Date: 05/14/2020

PAX: Deep Dish, El Chapo (R), Threeskin, Clothespin, Mayham (R), 9 Volt (R), WuzntMe

AO: The Battery


Beautiful morning, just perfect, absolutely perfect! There was the sound of cheers, claps and screams covered with signs of creativity and adoring fans.


SSH (IC) – 30; Third Grade Exercises (IC) – 10; Forward Folds (IC) – 10; Willie Mays Hays (IC) – 10; LBAC (IC) – 10; Rev LBAC (IC) – 10; SSH (IC) – 30

The Thang

After the groupies settled down a little we were able to rock


Set One:

4 Exercises Descending Time Intervals:

60,50,40,30,20,10 seconds

20 seconds rest in between

Cotton Eyes Joes

High Knees



Set Two:

20 seconds each exercise. 10 seconds rest in between

Mtn Climbers (3x)

Windshield Wipers legs side to side (3x)

40 seconds rest (jog in place)

Set Three:

20 seconds each exercise. 10 seconds rest in between

Apollo Ono (3x) – Burpees as the Modification

Bonnie Blairs (3x)

60 seconds rest

Set Four:

20 seconds each exercise. 10 seconds rest in between

Jack Knife Crunch (3x)

Heel Touches (3x)

40 seconds rest (Jump in place)

Set Five:

20 seconds each exercise. 10 seconds rest in between

Dive Bombers (3x)

Aquamans (3x)


QIC talked about comfort, fear and peace. Especially how it resignates in throughout in our current state with COVID-19. How comfort and fear can be that sucking sound we hear that takes us away from our purpose and ultimately peace. Encouraged PAX to seek that continued peace and not let over-comforts or fear steer us away
BALL OF MAN: Mayhem lead us out in Prayer


What can I say? The men of The Battery have a special place in the QIC’s heart. The fact that they went to drastic measures to make signs and cheer me on for a welcome back Q just warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye. You should’ve seen the commitment. Highly recommend touring this AO. The Mania and Fandamonium is strong!


Battery is now 3 days a week (T/R/S); Mrs. Baker is next Q on Staurday (5/16/20); 3rd-F looking to start back up in June

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