AMRAP’n at RidgeCut

QIC:  Fissure

Date: 05/20/2020

PAX: Sparky, Home Alone, Oiler, Early Bird, Tinkle, Lanyard, The Count, Jazzy Jag, Swingset, Oil Can, Skitch

AO: RidgeCut


Low 60’s. Rain held off for us.


SSH, WMH, SSH, Cotton pickers, slow count merkins, squats, reverse lunges, SSH

The Thang

AMRAP (with good form!) of the following circuit

all reps x 12:

Power Merkins (hands leave the ground at extension)

Atomic Merkins (Merkin with ab thruster, like the bottom of a burpee but you don’t stand up)

Reverse Lunges (1 side=1 rep)


Elbows to Knees (like reverse crunch, but make sure arms go back during extension and bring both elbows to knees for contraction)

Crab Cakes (in crab position, right hand to left foot and switch. 1 side=1 rep)

Smurf Jacks

Run approximately 400 meters around the parking lot islands

RnR until 610. 0610-0615

Mary – Imperial Walkers x 120 (1=1), V-ups x 20, Imperial Walkers x 60


Have workout/word, will travel. So yea, the workout and word were similar at RidgeCut but none of the same guys.

What keeps you coming to F3? Fitness is seen as “me time” for a lot of men our age. Nothing wrong with some me time. Me time is healthy, but you show up to this leadership group disguised as a workout group and wait what IT’S NOW ABOUT YOU everyone is preaching! It’s about the next guy. Before you know it you’re getting a lot out of F3 because you’re putting a lot in leading workouts and caring about these guys.

Hard committing is great and a lot of guys use it to get their butt’s out of the fartsack. Some guys in the group spoke of a next level; a standing commit. Building credibility might just be the name of the game.


Not a lot of chatter as the workout forced distancing. AMRAP, baby!


Memorial Day – BURPH – 0700 at Hot Dam

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