Why is it so hard to get young people up early?????

QIC:  The Count (Respect Respect)

Date: 06/12/2020

PAX: (8 total PAX) Cliff Hanger, Hansen, Mug Shot, Pebbles, Sun Burn (Respect), Teflon, VSquared

AO: BoneYard


65 Degrees, still conditions.


Warm Up consisted of Mosey to car to grab coupons and then to exercise equipment stations….about 90 Seconds!


Goal is to do AMRAP in the 12 min time frame. Important to focus on form. Where ever possible use coupon, even when not indicated, (Lunges, LBC’s, Tricep Ext, Squats, Overhead Press, Alt Lateral lunges, Bicep Curls). In stead of the 1 min rest, all PAX will run lap around the park (about 1/4 mile).


BALL OF MAN: Shared my thoughts about COVID-19, Civic Unrest, and importance of F3 Nation sticking to our Credo and beliefs. Prays to F3 Nation, our country, and those lead.


Only funny comment was when Mug Shot wanted to tell The Count how to set his timer! Really…I’m a savant with electronics as we all know!!!! LMAO….


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