Filthy 400

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 05/14/2020

PAX: Burrito, Hambone, Recycle, Pediasure, U-Haul, Pomade, Holy Kiss, Ashley Madison, FNG-Lady Gaga, Friar Tuck, Gusher, Glamper

AO: Smackdown


A slight chill.


21’s SSH

Shoulder Blaster 

  • BAC

  • Reverse BAC

  • MNC

  • Cherry Pickers

  • Overhead Claps

  • Seal Claps

  • Ray Lewis

  • Front Raises

Forward Fold

The Thang

This is inspired by a workout done with my football players. Modify as necessary.
Filthy 400

Curls X50

Merkins X50

Bent Over Rows X50

Squat Jumps X50


Tricep Extensions X50

Monkey Humpers X50

Shoulder Press X50

5 Burpees. Run a Lap. (Under 2 mins) Repeat 3 more times.


Leadership, frankly, is easy to talk about. Many people have thoughts and perspectives about the topic. People make money speaking of the topic, but often times a certain element is missing.

Sacrifice: leadership requires sacrifice. Plain and simple. Sacrifice family time for upward mobility in career. Sacrifice upward mobility in career for more family time. Sacrifice rest to gain more of both.

Lest we forget that is the key element in any leadership discussion. So, what are you willing to ACTUALLY sacrifice to be a great leader.


I wanted to run more, so I just did less reps — Burrito

Are those pull-up bars? THOSE ARE PULL-UP BARS! SCOTT, SMACKDOWN HAS PULL-UP BARS — Recycle, Hambone, and Mr. Clean


Memorial Day Murph. The Hot Dame at 0700.

(Chickamauga Dam Day Use Area)

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