Sometimes 60% is good enough

QIC: Sidekick


PAX: Sparky, Oiler, Sunburn, Iron butt, Pebbles, Best in Show

AO: Boneyard


68 and Humid


SSH ICX20; Forward Fold ICX10; Slow Squats ICX15; 5 Burpees OYO; LBAC-Reverse-Seal Clpas ICX10 each; SSH ICX15

The Thang

5 Stations (which we only compelted 3, hence 60%)

Mosey in front of the post office with block

Station 1

Side Shuffle Squats – 40 yards

Mosey a lap around the post office

Station 2 – Lawn in front of rec center

8 county Body builder with block (including Press) – run 60 yds and back. Repeat this until 10 reps and runs are completed

Station 3 – Picnic tables

11s with big boys

10 Dercans – 1 Ircan, 10 big boy sit ups; 9 Dercans – 2 Ircans, 10 big boy sit ups; continue until reps are flopped

Mosey back to the flag as we are out of time with 2 stations left!


Keep up the growth. The numbers are looking great post suspension. Get those new guys out


We were collectively too slow today for my plan. Poor planning, will speed it up next time


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