Running Away from Bullets…This Day in History (WWII-themed)

QIC:  Band Camp

Date: 06/04/2020

PAX: Fissure, Mr. Clean, The Count, Cable Cutter, Hasbro, U-Turn, Money Ball, Ducktales, Slois Lane, Mr. Met, Blindside

AO: The Huey


68 degrees and clear. As a side note my man parts were shriveled up in excitement for this VQ.


19 ‘mericans OYO

22.5 (45 total) cadence Side straddle hops

[19 and 45…1945 when the war ended]

10 cadence front/back arm circles

10 cadence Michael Phelps

10 cadence billy Mays heys

OYO high kicks, 5 count each leg (kick the fuehrer in his pink girly pantyhose)

15 seconds cobra stretch

The Thang

Evacuation of Dunkirk (last day June 4, 1940):

British soldiers running from Nazi forces…running along the beach with a sea wall barrier, but there are some gaps in the sea wall where Germans can mow us down…

  1. Single file group run, stop at designated lights [hole in sea wall]—everyone low squat, 1 person jail break past everyone to next light, hold plank…1 at a time starting with 6 and ending with lead. Recover and group run to the next “hole in sea wall” (3 iterations)

We’ve made it to the evacuation zone, but now we’re stuck at the beachfront and need to escape to England…

2a. Row your boat out to England—American hammers (30 seconds)

German Messerschmitts strafe the boats we’re on…jump ship! Swim to safety!

2b. Prone row or Superman w flutter kick (30 seconds)

Repeat these two exercises

Battle of Midway (starting June 4, 1942):

Fortify the island from Japanese aircraft! Dig!!

1a. Plank position shoulder taps (30 seconds)

1b. Mountain climbers (30 seconds)

Repeat these 2 exercises a few times

(We took a break after 2 full iterations, then continued “digging”, 3 iterations total)

Duck for cover from Japanese bombers!

2. Fire feet, then burpees when Q shouts “incoming!” – 2.5-3 minutes

US dive bombers attack the Japanese fleet…Two-man planes…one pilot/bomber and one rear gunner

Separated into 4 groups of 3…

3a. Odd number rows dive bombers (10 reps OYO)

3b. Even number rows big boy sit-ups (10 reps OYO)

…switch up and repeat (2 full iterations)

(For you imaginative types: the dive bombers are the pilots and the sit-ups are the rear gunners)

Captured U-Boat (U-505) (June 4, 1944):

We found a U-boat!! Swim to it!!

1a. Flutter kicks (25 cadence)

1b. Freddy mercuries (25 cadence)

This is 50 reps total each if you’re a math nerd…U-505…get it?

We’ve reached the U-boat but there may be combatants inside…we need to check it out and open all the hatches

Form 2 lines

2. Each line bear crawl about 10-15 meters, and 1 Donkey kick (kick the hatches open), mosey back to start

2 full iterations

We’ve taken prisoners!!

3. Imperial walkers (25 cadence)

4. Mosey back to flag in victory


D-day prep (June 6 1944 was when battle started):

We’re on troop carriers with like a million other dudes…it’s pretty cramped in here…

1a. Monkey humpers (30 seconds) [hanging out in your assigned rack]

1b. Side straddle hops (10 in cadence) [taking a moment to stretch]

Wash, rinse, repeat (2 full iterations)

I was about to end the workout 3 minutes early, but The Count suggested Mary’s…

  1. American hammers

2. Freddy Mercuries

3. Little Baby Crunches

4. Pickle pointers (cuz why not?)…The Count mentioned something about summer being upon us and getting our glutes ready for thong season


“Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.”

1 Peter 2:17 NASB

Often used incorrectly to oppress people groups when taken out of context…we’re called to operate where we are and love others. For the Christian it means we have a higher goal than what’s going on immediately around us

“But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:13 NASB

Take care of brothers, take care of families

Christians are called to abide by these three ideas.

“And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12 NASB

Soldiers don’t win wars by themselves, find a battle buddy and stick with them

A string of three cords is not easily broken

Things may be out of our control, but we aren’t in charge of the world, we’re put in this moment to serve those directly around us, not just those we place in our line of sight


This was my VQ…I got a lot of support and I appreciate everyone who came out and offered encouragement. I hope everyone had a fun time (it seemed like everyone did), and we’ve spotted some more possible VQ’s in the near future…to be continued…


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