Beasts of the East

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 06/08/2020

PAX: Best in Show (Respect), Chavez, Dolly, Doodles, Fastlane, FNG-Lockjaw, Gaylord, Mayhem (Respect), Pebbles, Ramrod (Respect), Rollback, Snow Patrol, Swing Set, Toe Jelly,  Wuzn’t Me

AO: Beast Ridge 


Hot. 186% humidity.


SSH x30 IC

Shoulder Blaster

Forward Fold

The Thang

At long last, YHC finally got to post (and Q) at Beast Ridge. It was quite a rewarding day to wrap up “the week”

Two Steps Forward…One Step Back
Mosey to 1st light pole. Instructions: Mosey 2 forward, complete 1 Merkin and 1 Squat, mosey back one, complete 2 Merkins and 2 Squats. Repeat this process until the 6th pole is reached.

Tammy Wynette

100 Monkey Humpers
100 Pickle Pounders

Noticed the fine folks of East Ridge misspelled football (futbol), so I showed the boys some football grass drills to finish things out.


The “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” is an oldie Goldie of sorts for me because, frankly, that’s an Oldie Goldie of life. We quite often take two forward and get knocked back one.”
Luckily, we have a choice: keep going backwards or embrace the suck and keep moving forward.
YHC read some names from the list in which I shared at The Reformation on Saturday of various HIM in Chattanooga who impacted me positively over the course of 3 years. YHC challenged each HIM to do the same for another.
Lastly, to add another bit of perspective, any man with a child 3 years or older can truly see the change, both good and bad, that can occur in 3 years. Birth to a toddler….are you allowing F3 to develop at that rate?


Per consultation with Sidekick, we have 186% humidity. The Beast has slightly more saturated ground than Lion’s Den.
Pebbles is a beast.
Mayhem finished his Pickle Pounder/Monkey Humper set when he got home.


Parliament (Ooltewah High) in OTB/Launch Process
Hixson AO — OTB/Research Process

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