Lovable Landfill ‘Levens

QIC:  Fissure

Date: 06/06/2020

PAX: U-turn, Care Bear, Moneyball, Skitch, Flute, Rocketman, Venus, Sunburn, Back Pew, Omaha, Fabio, Coverup, Fly By, Pink Panther, Iron Butt, Whittler, She Shed, FNG-White Glove, FNG-Speedo

AO: The Landfill


Mild and humid


Mosey’d from pavilion down the path to the middle lot, circled up
All exercises IC x 11
SSH, High knees, low knees, SSH, WMH, Fwd Fold, SSH, Slerkins, Slow n low squats, SSH
Mosey up the Big Thank You to upper field

The Thang

Starting at the tree lined end of the upper field pax faced a 120 yard rectangle with cones placed at either end and at the 60 yard halfway mark
1 burpee, run to 60 yard line, 11 big boi situps, run 60 more yards
10 burpees, run back to 60 yard line, 11 V-ups, run 60 yards to the start for 2 burpees
Rinse and repeat as the burpees ascend to 10 at the start each round and descend to 1 at the opposite end of the field.
110 total burpees, 110 total big boi situps, 110 total v-ups

As pax finished they grabbed a coupon/Dwayne and began another circuit of 11’s
This time they started at the bottom of the hill by the pavilion with 1 merkin on coupon
Carried coupon up the hill for 10 squats with coupon
Back down the hill for 2 merkins and so on
55 merkins on coupon, 55 squats with coupon

As pax finished the second 11’s they ran up and down The Big Thank You hill.

As the last pax finished the first 11’s we circled up for wheel o’ Jump squats while everyone held Al Gore for their turn. 4 minutes later we finished.


We don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.
Toby Mac

Moneyball sent those wise words this week. Gut check!


Venus and Flute made it all the way to running The Big Thank You hill a couple times at the end. Studs.

We set a goal of 20 and reached it. Moneyball and Back Pew headlockin’ like beasts.


No Landfill 7/4/20 – Converge at Battlefield 0700

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