Building Up

QIC:  Skitch

Date: 06/03/2020

PAX: Swingset, Early Bird, Iron Butt, Dolly, Tinkle, Free Candy

AO: Ridgecut


Gloomy at start, not at finish.


SSH’s and other standards

The Thangs

Mosey to Front Lot 1st Island
1st Thang: While Q considers how not to complicate the exercise, he calls early audible of 10 burpees OYO while he thinks. Then PAX split into 2 teams and each team does 10 reps of any exercise of choice in each parking space (or 5 burpees) and next PAX does same thing in next unoccupied parking space until each team works their way down the parking lot to the 2nd Island.

2nd Thang: Mosey to wall. Wall sits until pain, with varieties thereof.

3rd Thang: Mosey to base of hill. Pair off and 1 pair runs up the hill while the other 2 pairs do merkins. Pair 2 runs up when Pair 1 reaches top. Pair 3 runs up when Pair 1 returns. Rinse and repeat with big boy sit ups replacing merkins.

4th Thang: Run to the top together. Lunge a long long way to start.


We did a lot of 13 and 37 rep sets. Both are odd but when added together are a beautiful 50. My son turned 13 yesterday. I am 37. We had a long talk yesterday about speaking the truth in love and building others up according to their needs that it may benefit those who listen. It wasn’t an easy talk and it was a lot longer than I planned. Consequently, I ran out of time to prepare the workout like I had planned. As it turned out, I was preparing for the COT without knowing it. Speaking the truth in love and building other up according to their needs with our words is essential as we navigate these very unusual times.
BALL OF MAN: We took a knee and prayed.


The early audible caused a bit of confusion, but the PAX were gracious with the Q. Free Candy was trying to work out the 13 and 37 combos. The flag was from Hill City, but I don’t think anyone noticed in the Gloom. The coffeeteria in the parking lot after the workout didn’t require coffee but was super sweet and we were applying the COT straightaway – Ridgecut excels at building others up with words – good 2nd F modeled.


Jazzy Jag was out of town.

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