Million Burpee Challenge + Millipede = The MilliBurpeed

QIC:  Skitch

Date: 06/13/2020

PAX: Nemo, Ole Mess, Iron Butt, Back Pew, Rocketman, Al Borland (Orlando), Free Candy, U-turn, Fabio, Candu, Pink Panther, White Glove, Twitch, Coverup, Flop, Money Ball, Fissure

AO: The Landfill


No gloom, no rain, cooler than normal, but wet shirts by the end.


SSH x 40 IC, Forward Fold, Imperial Walkers, Smurf Jacks, LBAC’s, Morrocan Night Club, Cherry Pickers.

The Thang

Thang One: Jonas Lunges
PAX begins lunging as a group. Whenever you become the 6, you mosey to the front of the PAX and then resume lunging. PAX lunged and moseyed all the way down to the lower gate.

Thang Two: The MilliBurpeed
Each PAX does 5 burpees on a sidewalk square all lined up, then moseys to the front of the line of PAX and does 5 burpees in whatever sidewalk square is immediately ahead of the PAX first in line doing burpees. All the way up the sidewalk. 401+ sidewalk squares completed. 2005+ burpees completed by PAX.

Thang Three: The Big Thank You x 4
Mosey around and past the little thank you hill and down to the base of the Big Thank You. Bernie Sanders up, Big Boy Situps until 6, mosey down. Rinse and repeat. Bernie Sanders and/or Bear Crawl up, Big Boy Situps until 6, mosey down. Jail break up, Big Boy Situps until 6, mosey down. Jail break across field to start. Low plank until time.


Unity is based on trust. You don’t need to understand the other person’s position fully in order to be united with them. Don’t assume you know what the other is going to say; listen. Assume that what the other is saying is true and that there are no hidden messages. Unity is a reality & unity is something to work on and uphold. Excerpts taken from Wim Codington’s book United We Stand.
BALL OF MAN: we took and knee and prayed.


Q was saved by a few well-timed 10-counts as he heard muttered threats of mutiny during the MilliBurpeed. PAX completed 0.2% of the Million burpee challenge. All before breakfast. Jonas Lunges are named after Skitch’s many-times-great-grandfather Jonas Cattell who was the “Paul Revere on foot” who saved American troops in a NJ town during the Revolutionary War by running 10 miles through the woods to warn them of a surprise British attack. Jonas was half Leni Lenape (Delaware) Indian, and Jonas Lunges are like half an Indian Run, just a lot harder, a bit slower and the PAX stay together. More info on Jonas here:


July 4 convergence at the Battlefield AO.

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