Taking Requests

QIC: Escobar

Date: 06/18/2020

PAX: Deep Dish, WreckedEm, Dfib, Clothespin, El Chapo, Wuzntme

AO: The The Battery


64 and perfect like all week


Short Mosey, 10 Count Rest, Forward Fold, Slow WMH, Honeycutts, Teapots, Slow Squats, 4 rounds of Happy Jacks

The Thang

Burpee Apocalypse with hill running in between rounds. Start at the bottom, 10 burpees, Bernie up hill and hold Al Gore waiting for the six. 9 burpees at top, mosey down hill, hold Al Gore waiting on the six. Continue pattern until finishing with 1 burpee at top of hill.

Core work: Alternating plank (high or low) with Flutter kicks. 30 seconds each exercise nonstop. Completed 3 rounds.

Unilateral Work:

  1. Curb Merkins- laying parallel with curb and one hand on top of curb, perform 10 merkins then switch directions/arm on curb and 10 more merkins
  2. Curtsy Lunges- 10 each leg
  3. Repeat both exercises for a second round
  1. Single Leg Half Squat 10 each leg- trying not to touch opposite foot on the ground
  2. Joe Exotics (Single Leg Burpees) 5 each leg
  3. Repeat both exercises for a second round

Took the last 30 seconds to demo a new exercise to come. Named it Turd Surfer for Clothespin, but honestly the exercise is not worthy of the name. Will need to revisit soon.


Ever feel like you need some sort of release, or you will explode? My technician has declared June 28th, “RELEASE THE ANGER DAY”. “Nationwide, at 12:00 pm, step outside wherever you are and let out a loud roar. Release your anger with no harm to anyone or anything. Just let it go. ” Not a bad idea and I’m on board. If enough join, we may register on the Richter scale.


Bojangles is the bomb. Also, pimento cheese is back and you can add to any biscuit. It would be a wise choice if you did.

Lot of HIM in this group of F3. Clothespin is definitely one of them.


July 4th convergence at The Battlefield, and Dadurday at The Battery on July 25th.

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