Date: June 19, 2020

PAX: Venus, Free Candy, Rodeo, Sparky, The Count (Respect Respect), Mayhem, Sunburn (Respect), Sidekick, VSquared, Pebbles, Mugshot, FNG-Handsfree, Lady Scot, Skitch, Threeskin, Candu, Hansen, Fissure

AO: Boneyard


65 degrees and calm


Stretching Warm-Up

-Forward Fold

-Walkout to Upward dog and Hold

-Up to a Low Plank and Hold and Spread Legs

-Pretzel Right leg – Pretzel Left leg

-Tea Time and Hold

-Willie Mays Hays

The Thang

When I’m 64

Mosey to Stops 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Exercise at Each Stop

8 EXERCISES X 8 REPS – Quickly

8 Jumping Jacks IC

8 Merkins IC

8 Air Squats – Slow IC

8 Monkey Humpers IC

8 Mountain Climbers IC

8 Big Boy Sit-ups IC

8 American Hammers IC

8 Burpees – OYO

Finish early do Jumping Jacks until the 6 is in

Mosey to Next Stop –

Rinse and Repeat – 8 EXERCISES X 8 REPS

Until all 8 Stops are complete


Your weakness can be your strength when you choose to embrace it. It may be a giant. It may be fighting up Lookout Mountain. It may be in a courtroom. When you choose to confront and deal with it and seek the counsel of men you can trust it can become a strength.


The Count issued a challenge to take Ironbutt’s age of 64 and add to your own age and do that many burpees. Skitch and Fissure took him up on that challenge before doing another 64 burpees in the beat down. Real men there.


July 4th Convergence at Battlefield

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