13’s going up on a Wednesday

QIC:  Lanyard

Date: 6/24/2020

PAX: Swingset, Curfew, Sidekick, Lockjaw

AO: Ridgecut


low 70s, Decent shower during our warm-up that got us nice and damp.


SSH X13, Forward Fold X13, WindMills X13, Seal Claps X13, Overhead Seal Claps X13, Third Grade Exercise X13, Mosey to the playground turf

The Thang

Instead of 11’s we cranked it up by 2 while listening to Pop Hits of 2013 (Sidekick mentioned this wasn’t a good year for music)

First Round: Merkins and Squats

Second Round: American Hammer and Bonnie Blairs

Third Round: Plank Jacks and SSH

Mosey back up to the parking lot.


I shared to not be afraid to be vulnerable or share your weaknesses. F3 (to me at least) is all about the brotherhood, and you should feel open to share with another PAX if you are having some trouble/struggles with anything. I’ve had some great conversations with fellow PAX that mean the world to me. As much as F3 is about the three F’s, it’s about being there for one another.


Upon further review, I think we agree that 2013 wasn’t a great year for music, at least on the POP scene.


CONVERGENCE at Battlefied on July 4. How appropriate (I think) right?

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