The Wuh-Tan (No contact with each other) Work out

QIC:  Lanyard VQ

Date: 3/12/2020

PAX: Swingset, Sidekick, Iron Butt (R)(R), Tinkle, Sparky, Home Alone, Woodchuck, All-State, Free Candy

AO: Ridgecut


Mid-50s, no rain, great outdoor workout weather.


Mosey down to the parking middle (BX) parking lot.

  1. SSH x20
  2. Merkins x15
  3. LBCs x20
  4. Wilie Mays Hayes x10
  5. Little Baby Arm Circles x12
  6. Reverse LBAC x12
  7. Overhead Press x12
  8. Moroccan Night Club x12 Recover. and Mosey back up to the soccer field parking lot. Wanted to use the soccer field, but too wet.

The Thang


First two exercises: Squats and Burpees

Next two: Big Boy Sit Ups and Merkins

Next two: SSH and Mountain Climbers


I had something originally planned about being hesitant to lead the first time, but that all went out the window with the Coronavirus consuming just about all of our lives. I shared that these are unfamiliar times. Closest thing I can relate to as a country is 9-11. People aren’t sure what the next months are going to look like. Scheduled events and gathering are closing left and right. We are almost assuredly headed for a recession. I think it’s important for us to lean on each other during this time


Workouts might be postponed for a while. TBA

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