Fit-ness, faith and fellowship

QIC:  Whittler

Date: 06/25/2020

PAX: Burrito, Laces Out, Blindside, Natty Light, Jackass (no I didn’t count Burrito twice), Pound Dog, Gusher, Pomade, Prosciutto, Holy Kiss, Afterbirth, Southface, Bumblebee, Recycle, Ashley Madison, Booby Trap

AO: Smackdown


Better than 30 degrees outside


Mosey lap, stopping each quarter mile for warmup exercise

SSH til Burrito stopped talking (about 50)

Batwings (arms x 20 each direction, seal clap x 20, overhead clap x 20)

Plank Jack x 20

Annie x 10

The Thang

My goal was to get far enough away from Burrito
Yet to be named thang…
Run a lap

Do burp-merk x 15 (harder than it sounds)

Run a lap

bobby Hurley x 50

Run a lap

Overhead press x 50

carry coupon over to the goal post and hit a plank on your block. When I say up, we move with the block. When I say down, we drop down to plank. Continued to the other goal post.

Blocktanamo – two lines, hold the block in front of you. Each pax takes a turn running past and trying to knock your block off


Banana/hollow hold x 10

Pretzel x 10

heel touch x 10

Flutter kicks with block x 10


“And Jesus said: Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:26

Don’t try to shoulder your burdens alone. What we can’t accomplish as a mortal, we can accomplish through Jesus.


There were numerous times Burrito almost got pelted with cinder blocks

Drinking coffee is hard some days

Something was really funny towards the end but Gusher and I were too busy trying to work out to know what was going on


The Reformation is moving to 0600 eastern time starting this Saturday

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